Debemur Morti (EP)

Debemur Morti (EP)

Release date: 15/06/2021

Label: Debemur Morti Productions

These first new tracks recorded after 2019’s brilliant “Love Exchange Failure” cycle from smoky neo-jazz saxophone ambience, through hypnotic contemporary Black Metal aggression and on opener “Debemur Morti”, into emotive piano-led songcraft showcasing a flawless guest vocal performance from the legendary Lars Nedland (BORKNAGAR / SOLEFALD).

A historic release from a band – and an label – dead-set on propagating a blend of fervent metallic traditionalism and cutting-edge experimentation over the years to come.

An anniversary 200th relese of Debemur Morti Productions.


1. Debemur Morti 09:07
2. Embers 08:02

The restless spirit told me once That I should die imprisoned And my confinement began Within the bars of reason And then I let the sorrow in I made the nest for treason I let the people stay within And they destroyed the eden Turned into a stone My heart still beats Confirming the fact that We are death Turned into a stone My heart still beats Frozen to the bone My body bleeds We are death We are rust We are death We are tomb In the midst of a conflict I put myself into a chamber The safe space makes me calm Panopticon brings recharge The restless spirit once told me That I should die imprisoned My confinement began Emotions standstill I no longer exist Turned to a stone My heart still beats And beats The ice has never been broken I curse myself twice These words have never been spoken I reject sane advice The emotional standstill

Grief and sadness Embers Gliff and madness Stress Your flame fades I mourn Your end weaves around the corner My soul is torn Now, I live with the Constant feeling of loss The fear fear of of losing Control is desired no more The fear of fear of losing Myself attends me It is time to learn how to carry this Burden - the absence of fire you kept