Futility Report

Futility Report

Дата релізу: 12/05/2017

Лейбл: Debemur Morti Productions

Дебютний альбом гурту. Перший реліз White Ward виданий культовим французським лейблом Debemur Morti Productions.
На альбомі вперше був використаний саксофон, який став невід’ємною частиною звучання гурту.


1. Deviant Shapes 07:22
2. Stillborn Knowledge 08:06
3. Homecoming 06:33
4. Rain As Cure 03:12
5. Black Silent Piers 06:34
6. Futility Report 08:37

Maimed but still conscious Creep along deviant shapes Madmen behind the windows Look at me in wide-eyed surprise Dumb hierophants Laugh mutely, looking at sky Under the dim street lantern Two old men are rolling the dice Once again I try to concentrate Recollect the reason of all this Hardcore mess impossible to sate Granting void, tough and tremendous Fanciful face is smiling ugly Engraved on ceiling of this world Deviant shapes cut capers around me Urge me hard on fixing the rope

Silent hell within my mind I'm deep in thought since I was born Lethargic vigil fills my dreams I hear echoes of those who mourn Mirrors are covered with snow-white sheets Dismal whispers hide in the corners What are you doing? Is this a game? Why do you treat me like a goner? In single file they come to me Mumble something, rub their eyes Voices too low, faces too grim I just can't get what are you trying to tell me I have stopped dead in the middle of motion I am the rock in the centre of mountain stream My stillborn knowledge disinfects your sympathy

Cornered by soft walls Eviscerated by cure I am just an empty shell Straightjacket hugs me with love Defending from my hands Never lets me coming home And only in feverish dreams I lie in blood again I hang myself again At my home Cold and white corridors Blinking light, drugs on time Sobs and moans behind the wall Fill my uprooted soul Unsteady shades from the scenes Of all my ends in native home They inspire me to fight for my death To seek the path to my home Syringe Pull out Drive it Into his neck And run away Footfall and screams Guards' broken arm Laughter in wards Howling alarm Black branches and moon Barking of dogs Soon I'll be gone Soon I'll be home Soon I'll be home...


Black silent piers Somewhere above Call me sometimes To give one more glance On place of my choice My last choice Dance of the waves Beauty of the deep Faces among waterweeds Stone chained to legs Keeps me safe From all of bad Mossy surface of the ruins Stones whisper all my names Hollow sounds of that one song Force me to forget you all What you’ve got for me, you drowned god? Everything is so familiar Centuries of refined torture Gave me knowledge of the elder ones When death passes your time will come And you will sleep no longer Give me the power to calm down the waves So I can hear your call

Glow of fire storming somewhere in the sky among the stars Lightens up the countless rooftops with a tender golden light Under roofs beloved nooses hug the necks now and again Guard the wrinkled mental health against reality Embarrassed dead men drag themselves alongside endless walls Trying to comprehend why they still belong to this world Embarrassed dead men drag themselves alongside endless walls Trying to comprehend why they still belong here Roadways reek of the madness Noone walks plague-stricken streets Only lanterns patrolling Beacons for the restless souls Drowned men stay in the row At deserted silent piers Follow dying old man with their eyes Full of salty tears Massive cross of intellect On the back of mental patient Presses me into the ground Shedding pain and desolation All the efforts are futile All the attempts are condemned to failure Heavy rain through all the life Deafens incoherent prayers All the efforts are futile All the attempts are condemned to failure In the mad world where God Has become the first self-killer All the efforts are futile.